We have used golf carts in stock and ready to be refurbished for you..
Our selection changes often and we're always getting something new!
Currently we have a selection of:

1 x  New 2022 Yamaha Drive2 lifted
Gas EFI Grey, 24" sound bar rear seat,
      custom seats front and back
  front light bar, rear seat cup holders
      new 23" on 12" wheel/tires -

1 x 2019 Yamaha Drive2 gas,
    White w/stone seat and top

1 x 2012 Yamaha Drive1 gas,
white w/stone seat and top -

1 x 2008 Yamaha Drive1 gas,
Gun Metal  W/stone seat and top-

1 x 2004 Yamaha G-26A  gas shuttle 6
custom lime green metallic 7-9 lift kit
adjustable shocks, street light kit
2 LED strip lights under top and cart,
10 speaker bluetooth sound bar,
black chrome 14" wheels with 23" tires.

keep checking with us as we get more in...!


1 x 2008 Yamaha G29 Electric 48V, 1yr
old Batteries, 12v accessory converter
LED head and tail lights, rear seat kit,
LED light bar, 3" lift kit with 12" wheels
on 22" tires, new black metallic body
new black seats, rear safety handle,
new shocks, floor mat.

Call or email for pricing and
current selection!

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